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We're a multi-level social media consulting team helping you sell with an unstoppable social presence

Before CLS came about, the co-founders fulfilled dreams of selling their stuff and traveling the globe. Not only where they traveling everywhere they could but they were also learning, growing and giving back to each community they visited. This created a passion that helped Isaac and Shilpa grow closer, not only as a married couple but as a powerhouse team of creatives. Along the way, they started sharing their story through consistent fun, creative content on their Instagram. Their consistent posting and strategical Instagram management, cultivated into a loyal community of like-minded people who were investing in their story. 

Their story grew into a personal brand, scaling their instagram to 20K+ followers 

Over time, they developed a social media strategy that harnessed the power of the internet and allowed for growth they never imagined possible. A strategy that creates a high-end marketing plan for the self-made and an undeniable social media presence that gets you seen and booked every time. They aren't just here because they learned the best strategies, they created CLS because they lived it. A strategic social media marketing plan completely altered their life and they are here to lead you into making that luxury attainable for your business.  These strategies aren't for the brands who want to continue playing small, instead it's reserved for businesses who are ready to unleash their potential and become the revolutionary brand they know they deserve to be. 

Our mission is to harness the power of social media to create a customized, comprehensive strategy for your revolutionary brand. 

meet the

cls team

meet  the  founders

ISAAC + Shilpa

masterminds behind cLS digital

It all started with a dream, a purpose and a passion. The powerful couple behind CLS digital started their journey through their love for travel. Along the way they unleashed an incredible passion not only for marketing but for helping others live their life with passion and intention. This all escalated into a powerful brand that now teaches other business how to reach their goals with the unmatchable force that is social media. While they count with an amazing team of creatives to upscale your business, they're more than just another marketing company. Instead, they are your business mentors every step of the way, carefully and intentionally helping you reach your business goals. Wether that's to create more brand awareness, make more sales, get seen by your ideal client, or all of the above, CLS is here to make all that happen for you. CLS digital is your one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. Equipped with a photographer, videographer, strategic copy writer, website designer and marketing team members, CLS is ready to help you create a revolutionary brand. 

meet co-owner

isaac, marketing strategist

A former Air Force service member, lover of the outdoors, and a passion for connecting with individuals all around the world

With his attention to detail and background in brand and travel photography, Isaac is passionate about helping entrepreneurs live up to their potential and open their eyes to the incredible world that is social media marketing. Isaac prides himself in bringing high quality service along with life-changing strategies to create a show stopping brand. 

meet co-owner

shilpa, creative director

the creative soul behind CLS, passionate about teaching others to live a life full of growth and intention

-Shilpa's natural desire to help brands grow and succeed with social media, has helped businesses create unstoppable brands and make more sales.  

For her, playing small is not an option and prides herself in teaching others how to truly be themselves while selling to really hone in on what makes your business unique. With her powerful story telling and creative branding, she's here to help you create a luxury powerful brand that gets you seen and sold out every time. 

meet the team

photographer + videographer

Hi, I’m Thushal and I would be the head of photo & video for your brand. I specialize in capturing the beauty in each and every client/ brand we work with.

I’m self taught and an accomplished photographer who works in the DFW area. Portraiture photography is where I excel but I also have a passion and an eye for brand photo & video. My ultimate goal is to provide true happiness and fulfillment in the services I provide for our CLS clients. I can’t wait to help your brand stand out above the rest through photo and video!

Social media expert

I am a Social Media Specialist who helps businesses grow their online social media presence through content planning and strategy.
I am responsible for defining, developing and incorporating a social media marketing strategy for a business or brand. I do this by Identifying the elements of a social media audit and competitor analysis.
I am also responsible for creating and publishing content on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to grow an audience, build brand awareness, and ultimately, boost sales.

Before working for CLS, I spent 4 years as a Social media manager and Virtual Assistant for companies in the U.S. and U.K. After a successful career helping small businesses I now act as CLS’ Social Guru.

I'm passionate about taking a business’ social media to the next level while working closely as a team to execute tasks. Social media is truly my passion and speciality.

Copy writer

I've long been a lover of words. (Just ask my parents!) I feel the power of the written word is one of the most motivating and touching forces we can feel. So a few years ago, when I began transitioning from sign language interpreting into social media, it was just natural for me to take up Copywriting! I absolutely love working with Isaac and Shilpa, who possess vision, drive, and a true desire to help their team flourish.  

social media strategist 

Connecting with people and building a community is my ultimate passion. WhenI found social media, I realized building a community was achievable when I implemented an effective social media strategy and high quality content. My expertise is creating eye-catching designs and content to help boost your social engagement and increase sales. A fun fact about me is that I collect miniature cartoon pigs.

graphic designer

Hi, I’m Ricky, one of the graphic designers at CLS. Thank you for trusting us with your design and social media needs. I promise you, we will work hard, drawing from our skills and experiences, to rightly represent you. My experiences include a life-long interest in the arts, working as a teacher, and serving in the military. I was a schoolteacher for fifteen years. Seven of those years I taught art at an elementary school and two of those years I was a museum educator for the San Antonio Museum of Art. Spurred by patriotism, I took a sabbatical from teaching and joined the Air Force. I served five years overseas as a Weapons Troop and currently I have transitioned into the reserves as a Med Tech. In my spare time, I enjoy working-out, spending time with family & friends, serving in my local church, gardening, and of course, all things artsy. I love design challenges and playing with typography (when creating graphic art, my weapon of choice is Adobe Illustrator). I look forward to using these skills to serve your company’s needs.

Engagement specialist

Hi, I am Shimei. A wife, mother of 3under3, former English and Mathematics teacher turned Virtual Assistant and engagement specialist. I love making REAL connections with people from all walks of life. I like to keep my circles small, close and intimate. But I do flourish in front of a crowd too - if I am allowed to be myself. Nice to meet ya'll!

As a Social engager, I value building genuine relationships through various engagement strategies. Engagement is so much more than emojis and one-word comments or story replies. Engagement is a meaningful and purposeful interaction with another person with the sole purpose to build a relationship by getting to know that person. The engagement strategy I apply will all depend on the specific goal that is required of me. Engagement alone does not bring in sales. But it definitely helps. 

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we have an amazing team of photographers and videographers behind us to help create strategic content


they dated long distance while Isaac was stationed in south korea and shilpa was in la.


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we're currently based in dallas, texas!

our mission is to

harness the power of social media to create a customized, comprehensive strategy for your revolutionary brand. 

sustainably scale your business while cultivating a community of engaged and loyal buyers. 

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So, why are we so passionate about social media marketing? Because properly marketing our business on social media changed our business and life. Follow along, we'll show you how.